Monday, May 29, 2017

S.D.S. Tasty Raya Cookies, Snacking “Dan” Sharing

JOHOR BAHRU, 29/05/2017 – SDS has introduced new Hari Raya gift hamper series, available from the beginning of Puasa month. 

Special Selera Meal is also available at SDS Cafe during Puasa and Hari Raya.   

People nowadays are busy in their daily lives. Most people neglected gathering with friends and relatives. Festival has acted as an opportunity for people to spare time meeting friends and relatives, strengthen relationship through gathering. 

Snacking during Hari Raya gathering creates harmonious atmosphere. Raya cookies are thus essential during Raya, to form strong ties among people.

This year, SDS has introduced five choices of gift hamper which served mainly on cookies, ranges from RM98 to RM238 accordingly.

The most economical gift in the series is Mesra Hamper, which includes three cans of cookies and a bottle of sparkling juice. 

Ikhlas Hamper, Harmoni Hamper, and Syawal Hamper, which are furnished with bountiful amount of cans of cookies for each, are also available in the series.

Lebaran Hamper, known as the premium gift in the series includes seven types of cookies, a bottle of sparkling juice, and a box of Cadbury chocolate. 

Each hamper is hand-wrapped with nice packaging and comes with collectible Green Packet.   

“Not only dining, but sharing,” said SDS Marketing Manager, Ms. Alice Loh. “Customers are now able to share their happy emotion with festive gift hampers while celebrating this meaningful festival.

Mesra, Ikhlas, Harmoni, Syawal and Lebaran. The five hampers help our customers in sending warmest blessing to their loved ones.”

SDS provides hamper delivery service within Malaysia. 

Anyone who is interested to order hamper is welcomed to visit nearest outlet, or email order request to   

“Every piece of cookies signifies a unique joy,” said Ms. Loh. 

Along with Hari Raya, SDS has introduced two new types of cookies, which are the Chocolate Peanut Crunchy Bar, and Golden Cheese Tart. The other cookies such as Nyonya Pineapple Cookies, Almond Flakes, Chocolate Cookies, Melting Almond, Peanut Cookies, and Almond Sugee are continuously served this Hari Raya.

Apart from halal cookies, SDS also provides three varieties of tasty Kuih Lapis, which are Original, Prune, and Cranberry, in size of 4’’ X 7’’ each. Cookies and Lapis are available now at selected SDS outlets. 

SDS Club Card holders are eligible to enjoy 10% discount in cookies and hamper purchasing.

Meanwhile, SDS has introduced special Selera Meal which is served all day in SDS Cafe during Puasa and Raya period, from 27th May to 28th July 2017.

Four selections included Portuguese Grilled Fish, Pandan Chicken Whole Leg, Satay Grilled Chicken Chop, and Tiga Rasa Tilapia Fish, served with Nasi Briyani for each meal. Yummy snacks from RM3.90 are available with purchase of any selection.

“SDS (Share Dine Smile), we always attempt to create joyful dining moment to our customers. Customers’ satisfactory smile is our utmost concern especially in this thanksgiving festive season.” 

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